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 The Baltimore/Washington and Virginia area has been dry! It won't be long, before it's raining for two weeks! All of this rain can cause,  Problems with many copiers. Here are some handy tips to reduce your frustration level.

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  1. Moisture in paper may cause your copier to jam. To eliminate this problem always reseal the paper package if you don't use the entire ream. One of our customers suggested putting the re-sealed ream in a zip lock bag.
  2. Leave your copier on all the time. Most machines today will power down to a cost saving, energy saving low power mode. This enables the machine to warm up quickly. It also generates enough warmth to dry out moisture in your copier and paper.
  3. Once you have a paper jam, make sure you clear the jammed paper properly. If this is not done properly you set your machine up to continuously jam.
  4. Cure the Monday morning blues by removing all of the paper left in your machine over the weekend. This paper has moisture in it. Hint: use this paper in your laser printers!


If all else fails then your machine may need service - or maybe you just need some additional help.

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